Everyone likes looking good, staying in shape and feeling healthy. However, the reality is quite depressing. You spend a lot of time on your job, and maybe you have two jobs or other obligations till you run out of time to eat well and do some regular exercises.

This goes on for a while and you end up becoming overweight or obese. These conditions can lead to a heart attack and that’s why most people opt for a diet supplement that can help them to lose weight. Such a supplement is called a weight loss supplement. Losing weight improves your mental and physical health but it can be a very slow process, hence the use of supplements.

What is a Weight Loss Supplement?

weightlosssupplementsA Weight loss supplement is a specially formulated substance that triggers the process of losing weight. 

They are obtained from nutrients that you find in food. Some lead to increase in metabolism, faster break down of fat (Calcium-effect) and increase in use of energy in order to burn calories (green tea-effect).

Exactly how does a weight loss supplement work?

There are many Weight loss supplements out there and they work differently. As you read further you’ll see examples of some supplements, and how they work. In summary most weight loss supplements will help you to reduce the amount of fat in your body by altering the normal body functions. For instance, preventing absorption of fat and causing a decrease in your appetite. Some can harm you but some have been proven to be safe.

Examples of Proven weight Loss Supplements and how they work

  • Calcium
  • Fiber

By proven we mean that there is concrete evidence to prove that they work. The first weight loss supplement to consider is calcium.

Calcium is well known to improve bone health. Latest research shows, intake of calcium can also help you lose weight as you preserve muscle. Presence of calcium in food leads to easy break down of fats. If taken regularly and more preferably as a prescription, it will lead to weight loss.

The next supplement to consider is Fiber

Fiber is known as the part of food that is indigestible. Consuming fiber supplements keep your stomach full, making you to reduce the amount of food that you eat. A recent study showed that whoever took a fiber supplement as a prescription started losing weight successfully.

If you decide to use a fiber supplement to trigger loss of weight, be careful not to use so much at the beginning since it may lead to constipation. No one wants to create a problem while solving another, so drink plenty of fluids to avoid constipation.

Effects of using weight loss supplements

weightlossAs you may have noticed most weight loss supplements are obtained from food nutrients, this means that most of them may not harm you. This is however relative since some are mixed with herbal substances that lead to lead to high blood pressure, low blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms and these conditions can cause a heart attack. 

Be sure to research well for the side effects of a weight loss supplement that you may want to use.

Mild side effects associated with weight loss supplements are insomnia, dizziness, nervousness and rapid heartbeat.

The pros of using weight loss supplements

  1. Weight loss supplements not only help you lose pounds but you also lose inches. This leaves you with less weight and a toned body. That’s the “looking good” part.
  2. Using a weight loss supplement also gives you the constant supply of the basic nutrients that you need on a daily basis. For instance, if you use a calcium supplement you also benefit by improving the health of your bones.
  3. Weight loss supplements are known to reduce calorie intake which is a plus to your efforts of reducing weight.
  4. Most weight loss supplements are safer than weight lose pills. Remember weight loss pills are full of chemicals while weight loss supplements are specially formulated food nutrients.

The Cons of using weight loss supplements

  1. Most available supplements do not have evidence of effectiveness to back them up. So you may take a weight loss supplement and never lose weight. However, do your research well and you’ll definitely find a legit weight loss supplement. Like the two listed above.
  2. They cause side effects. Some side effects are tolerable but some are not. Things like dizziness, nervousness and increased heartbeat are tolerable but low blood pressure and high blood pressure are deadly and intolerable.
  3. Some can cause liver problems. If your liver has a health condition please does not use weight loss supplements. They trigger and make worse the ailment that exists. You are better off hitting the gym.
  4. Weight loss Supplements are Expensive. The prices are so high that only a few can afford to buy them. And as expensive as they are, you will not see results immediately, you have to be patient and keep spending more money to sustain your supply.

Tips for choosing the best weight loss supplements

With so many weight loss products in the market it’s really hard to choose the right supplement that works. 

The following tips will help you choose the best and effective weight loss supplements.

  • Always go for the natural (semi-processed) weight loss supplements. Such supplements don’t have side effects as compared to chemically synthesized supplements. They help you lose weight in the safest way possible.
  • Always go for publicly approved weight loss supplements. Before they get approved they are clinically tested to check if they are safe for human use and if they are at all effective. To confirm approved weight loss supplements check if they have an FDA (Food Drugs and Administration) approval.
  • Always check for the side effects associated with a particular weight loss supplement. This will help you to avoid using supplements that will make your health condition worse.
  • Get weight loss supplements that contain green tea extracts, Vitamin C and alpha acid. This is because these substances are proven to eliminate body fat by increasing the body’s metabolic rate.
  • Consult your doctor to help you choose a weight loss supplement. Doctors are the right people to help you choose a supplement since they know the safe products in the market and what can work for you since they have your medical history.
  • Most of all identify your weaknesses and get the best weight loss supplement for you. Take for example individuals who are overweight due to emotional eating. These people eat because they are emotionally distressed but not because they are hungry. The best supplement for such a person would be an Appetite Suppressant as compared to a Fat Burner. This would have solved their main problem.

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